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100% Raw Material Testing is done to ensure quality of finished product. All Polymers, Fillers, Chemicals and Plasticizers testing are done in house.Finished product testing for all kind of wire as well as textile braided hoses


  • Cold Temperature
  • Rheometrics
  • Polymer Viscosity
  • Shore Hardness
  • Tensile
  • Adhesion
  • Compression Set
  • Proof Pressure (On Line)
  • Burst Pressure
  • Ozone
  • Heat Air Ageing
  • Burning Behaviour
  • Solvent Resistance (Mass and Volume)
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing for Assemblies
  • Kinking Test (On Line)
  • Impulse Test


  • Separate dedicated Cold Feed Extruders, Kneaders & Mills for Carbon and Coloured Compounds.
  • Air & Water Chillers.
  • High Speed Wire Braiders with Take up’s and Let Off’s
  • IBR Horizontal Vulcanizer having vulcanizing capacity of 6000mtrs in single cure.
  • High Speed Wire Winders
  • All kinds of Textile and Wire Braiders for wire and textile braided hoses
  • In house Tool Room; 100% In House Maintenance
  • Laser Dimensional Controllers (On Line)
  • Infra Red temperature readers for Mills and Calendars.
  • Wide range of Cold Feed Extruders upto 120 mm


  • Audio Visual Conference room.
  • Exclusive Quality Records Storage area
  • Separate stores for Polymers, White & Carbon fillers, Chemicals (Storage as per FIFO)
  • Separate safe stores for Lubricants, Solvents & Oils
  • Dedicated & un interrupted power supply.
  • 100% Power Backup by Silent DG’s.
  • Sufficient lighting for each process & machine.


    • Raw Material Testing
    • Validated Process.
    • 100% Product Traceability down to each process and up to raw material stage.
    • Separate and dedicated QA staff for process supervision and product testing.
    • Raw Material handling and storage as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Quality checks and reporting as per SAE, DIN & IS standards as per customer’s requirement.
    • Majority quality checks are done online at various stages of processing.
    • Less than 0.5% finished product rejections last financial year.
    • Weekly and Monthly Training by Engineers and technicians, to operators.
    • Clean and Hygienic shop floor & working environment.
    • 100% implementation of ISO (TQMS) guidelines.
    • Product Guarantee
    • FIFO management
    • Scrap and Rejection Management.


    • Over 100 Stockiest countrywide
    • Product presence in every state.
    • All marketing staff with technical background for greater product knowledge.
    • Various attractive target schemes for stockiest.
    • Own established Trademarks of Agni, PowerFlex & PowerBraid series.
    • Manufacturing various products for reputed branded industrial houses.
    • Planned & Timely delivery.


    The hose must be handled safely to ensure longitivity of life and prevent damage, some of the primary safety precaution is to avoid over tightening of hoses at the ends, over exposure to heat or sunlight over a prolonged period of time and exposure to acidic chemical materials.

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